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About Us

If you look at how it’s organized, you can quickly tell that there are a lot of rough edges here. We proudly celebrate these rough edges and we have no intention of smoothing them out. In our minds, emotional intensity and raw expression always trump slick productions. When you come up with a slick production, you’re just basically focusing on the packaging and not really on the substance.

The limits

Of course there’s a limit to this. You really can’t just expect your audience to totally get you when you don’t even bother to write an understandable story. You really engage in a leap of faith and expecting too much of your audience and if you shoot your film in such a weird angle that people walk away thinking that it’s unwatchable.

Happy middle ground

There’s a happy middle ground here. My point is a little bit of roughness is to be expected. A little jagged edge here and there is just part of the territory. The focus should be where it should go which is the story, the depiction of the human condition and cold realities that we all face at some level or another every single day.

Promise of cinema

That’s the whole promise of cinema and as you can tell, I’m a very big cinema fan. I’ve been watching movies since I was a little boy. I lived, breathe and eat movies. There’s this fanboy element to this website that attracts a lot of people, but it also turns off a lot of people. I’m not going to apologize for that.

emotional intensity

If you don’t like the emotional intensity of a lot of the articles here, you’re more than welcome to find another website that you think meets your requirements. Maybe you’re looking for something a little bit more-slick. Perhaps you’re looking for a website that spoon feeds you. You’re more than welcome to check out those sites, but this website here really is all about raw, intense emotional truth that only cinema can bring to the table. It really is my personal journalistic monument to the brave men, women and transgendered persons who go out of their way to turn ideas and raw impulses into something that we can see and connect to and hear on so many different levels.

This doesn’t mean that the translation process is perfect. This doesn’t mean that everything is smooth. Just like in life, there’s always a wrong turn here and there. There’s a lot of bumps and raw, jagged edges that may even cut really deep. That’s the risk we take for being human. To love is to risk being hurt. To live is to learn with a certainty that you’re going to die.

Basically, I share my own distinctive thoughts about cinema here using the Cannes Film Festival as a starting point. I also moderate the views and comments and suggestion of people with similar views. Feel free to share your ideas and thoughts and critiques here. As long as you’re polite and respectful, you can rest assured that your views will not be dismissed out of hand. That’s the kind of adult reasoned space we run here.

Welcome to my website.