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This website is dedicated to everything and anything related to the Cannes Film Festival. As you can tell by the name of this website, it’s Italian. We view, connect with and process the Cannes Film Festival from a distinctly Italian cinematic perspective.

The Cannes Film Festival first started off as an international competition for everything and anything truly distinctive about international cinema. For the longest time, it really had a kind of a cult following because only people who eat, sleep and live cinema paid any attention to what happens at Cannes.

At some point in its history, it became more commercial. It’s easy to see how this happened because Cannes Film Festival truly focuses on the quality of a film. It focuses like a laser on storytelling, narration and acting ability regardless of language, country of origin or the ethnicity of the actors involved. If you’re looking for the purest film competition that really just goes to the heart of cinematic artistic expression, it’s really hard to find any better deal than the Cannes Film Festival.

Things have changed quite a bit. For the longest time, if you were some sort of cinematic or movie making purist, the Cannes Film Festival is pretty much the only game in town. While you can go to a college film revival or an art film exposition at your local college town, it’s not quite the same.

First of all, the films presented and Cannes are actually watchable. I know that’s kind of funny, but you have to understand that when you watch an art film, often times, the art is the experimentation in narration and cinematography. Just like with any other kind of experiment, a lot of the traditional narration and story presentation kind of goes out the window. If anything, it becomes a very jarring experience. Saying a lot of art films have jagged edges would be to put things lightly.

Your only choice

If you’re very serious about cinematic art and expression and storytelling, Cannes is pretty much your only choice. For the longest time, it worked because Hollywood actually has many different levels. By enlarge, Hollywood considers itself a business and just like any other business, they focus on what works.

Unfortunately, what’s popular may not be necessarily be the most artistic. What sells the best in the marketplace may not be the best vehicle for an honest, raw peek into the human heart and real human emotional ranges. There was a disconnect within Hollywood in terms of its artistic soul and there are definitely many people in Hollywood that are passionate about artistic film making and it’s more commercial priorities. Just like with any system being pulled apart by seemingly black and white polar opposite values, there is a hierarchy.

It’s easy to see who occupies the top or the apex of that pyramid. These are the Spielbergs, the big money makers. The people who throw a few million bucks into a project and turn it into a global behemoth box office machine raking in hundreds of millions of dollars.Those occupy the top rank. What about everybody else?

Art movies can actually make money

There is a tiny sliver of people who are in Hollywood because they want to produce art. Of course they stick out like a sore thumb and many people are annoyed at them, but they are definitely there. These people also produce films.The Cannes Film Festival, sooner or later, started featuring the work of the artistic segment of Hollywood. Sooner or later, thanks to the rise of Harvey Weinstein and Miramax pictures, they became a path to a lot of people that art movies can actually make money.

If you need proof of this, look at what happened to Pulp Fiction. It did really well at Cannes and it did quite well at the box office. Just because a film is artistic and it doesn’t apologize for it and it’s quite obvious about it doesn’t necessarily mean that it should be box office___. There is a happy marriage here or happy middle ground and it really blew a lot of people’s minds and this was Harvey Weinstein’s stock and trade. Now, the brand Harvey Weinstein is worth exactly 0 because of the sexual harassment and other issues he’s involved with, but we want to highlight how the sea changed in the Cannes Film Festival occurred and it’s thanks to people like Harvey Weinstein.

For every fan who’s saying that what he did was a good thing, he took art films that nobody was watching at Cannes and turned them into commercial successes. Many people would say that Harvey Weinstein is part of the problem. Art films should stay art films and commercial belong in the toilet. You really can’t please everybody but it’s during this period that the Cannes Film Festival changed dramatically.


Starving filmmakers

Now, you have a big time production companies who are not in any way shape or form starved for cash passing themselves off as starving filmmakers and cranking out “underground films” This is quite a bit of a charade and it has become quite a fun little guessing game among film producers and directors in Europe to look at a film and guess which big studio is actually going to be making money off of that if it wins any significant awards at Cannes. That’s the nature of the beast currently.


As you can well imagine, there’s a little bit of a push back. A lot of people are saying that the Cannes Film Festival should remain a festival for artistic films regardless of a movie’s money making potential. It should be all about the human condition, proper narration, storytelling cinematographic composition, the whole nine yards.

Focusing on quality

Others believe that there is a happy compromise to be had here. We shouldn’t really just obsess whether a film has a big backer behind it, instead, we should just focus on its quality. The problem with that position is that it’s completely blind to the corrosive effects of money. If you’ve ever participated in any kind of art film competition, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Whenever money enters the picture, it’s going to be spent lobbying the judges towards a certain film. What’s wrong with this picture? Everything.

It's all art

The whole point of an art film competition is art. Regardless of its production budget, how much or how little it’s actors got paid, they’re supposed to pay attention to the story, how the story is executed or acted and the overall emotional depth of the film. Sure, it may seem roughly edited but that should not have been out main focus.

Slicking movies

Unfortunately, this goes out the window whenever money enters the picture because you can bet that the judges will start looking at how slick the movie is. Is it expertly edited? Did you pay the writer enough to come up with the most polished Hollywood style script? So on and so forth. What make this really dangerous is that a lot of these assumptions are unstated. People aren’t going to come up to your face and say it. They’re going to assume it.

Voting it out

While you may not be able to see it because they assume it, you’re definitely going to feel it because they’re definitely going to be voting for stuff that Hollywood is already cranking out. In this context, the Cannes Film Festival has really become just another Hollywood pre-release show. It’s not much different from Comic Con.

Sneak peeks

If you’ve ever been to Comic Con 20 years ago, it used to be fun. There’s a lot of underground stuff, a lot of real sneak peeks to really interesting movies. Now it’s just a pre-launched public relations exercise. I don’t mean to sound negative or a hater, but this is reality.


Making a statement with the right outfit is easier with e-juice

As vaping and the use of e-juice takes over large chunks of the US and Western Europe, a lot of people are under the impression this is just one of those things that you do in your private time. As you probably already know, a lot of people are up in arm against anything and everything containing nicotine. There seems to be some sort of witch hunt against people who smoke or who vape or who use e-cigarettes.

This really is too bad because it creates all sorts of unnecessary animosity. It also creates some sort of us versus them mindset. Like it or not, as a person who uses e-juice or vape juice, nicotine consumers will always be in the minority. That’s just a fact. And just because this is what’s happening on the ground and this is something you need to live with doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be resentful.

Believe it or not, you can create a personal statement with e-juice. It can be part of who you are as a person and this does not have to involve some sort of confrontation. It doesn’t have to boil down to some sort of in your face kind of interaction with people who may not approve of what you’re doing.  You can even find the best ejuice deals on this website.

Instead, when you invest in a total look that projects a lively, vibrant and inquisitive personality, people can’t help but approve. They approve you as a complete person. They don’t look at you as this adversarial person who happens to have a habit or hobby that is very different from theirs. You become part of the team.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re buddy buddy with everybody. It means that you are part of the community. You are an acknowledged part of the community and nobody would be able to take this away from you.

For this to happen, you have to step up. You have to invest in the right outfit, you have to make sure that your choice of e-juice smoothly complements your outfit. You can’t just vape away and create this massive vaper cloud with an e-juice scent or after taste that gets on the wrong side of people. People would start looking at you as an obnoxious person.

You have to understand that most people, believe it or not, have a live and let live attitude. This is a fact. Most people at the end of the day don’t really care because they have enough problems of their own. While a lot of the stuff that you do might seem to be a temporary distraction to them, ultimately, it really all goes back to what’s important.

Thankfully, your vape hobby is not as important as the fact that they have to pay bills at the end of the month. They have rent to take care of and kids to worry about. Keep this in perspective so when you are trying to make a statement or trying to project your personality, make sure that your choice of e-juice is part of the equation.

I’m not saying that you should blend in the background or you have to become some sort of wall flower. However, you can’t be obnoxious either. You can’t just slap people in the face or grab their eyeballs with whatever you’re wearing or smoking or vaping. That doesn’t work. That’s offensive at some level.

So you have to strike a happy balance here. The good news is it’s easier than you think. Do yourself a big favor. Make the right statement with the right e-juice blend. It can be done.

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